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We offer equipment leasing programs on the wireless machines and point of sales terminals: wireless machines equipment
You can now process credit cards using your iPhone or Blackberry device via a virtual terminal. Very simply to use: you logon to our secured server using your cell phone and key in your customers info in real time. That is it! Comes in handy for small businesses that are out on the field or on the road often. Completely customizable allowing control of all transaction fields (e.g. Tax Amount, Invoice Number and many other features.)

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Menexis is in the business of providing credit card processing and other payment based solutions including high risk ACH Processing and electronic checks processing to organizations accepting various forms of electronic transactions.

We have been providing payment services for over 7 years now. We consider ourselves one of the leaders in placing companies with the right solution in the industry. We only deal directly with banks and financial institutions to provide the lowest rates in the industry and we guarantee this.

We also specialize in placing high risk merchant accounts for small businesses as well. We provide our services to large and small retail companies, wholesale merchandise, mail and telemarketing/phone order, and commercial or eCommerce. We are all about offering custom-made programs that are tailored specifically to your industry so you can have the most success, thus doing business can be more convenient for you.

Small Business Electronic Check Processing:

As a customer of Menexis, you will be able to utilize electronic check transactions and every major ATM debit card network within the United States as well as internationally. By choosing Menexis, you will be able to accept credit cards from all the major card issuers online and offline to increase sales for your company. Our fees are low and are competitively priced and we pride our model on getting you the lowest rates within the industry. Please fill in the form above or click the on the apply button to get started today. We offer online payments with low-cost. We can have you up and running within the same day (between 4-6 hours) with a completed application. We have a very high approval of 98% in acceptance once we have a completed application from you to get started. We offer one of the most affordable rates on the internet today, especially when it comes to ach merchant account.

We provide 24/7 customer support to all our customers. We are dedicated to providing our customers the best in class service in the industry.

You can tap into our check verification and payer identification (ID) verification software to verify and eliminate NSF (bounced checks). This services is particularly helpful for telemarketing companies and mail order businesses or other phone based products that utilize check processing and debit.

Menexis has a simple solution for companies taking payment on the field in a non traditional manner by offer Wireless payment processing solution and mobile telephone swiper technology and equipment so you can debit your customers with a cell phone anywhere.

We have a solution for small businesses, government institutions and non profit organizations. As a leading merchant services provider, we have the capacity to handle large volume on a daily basis. We even welcome bad credit score / history and high risk merchant account

We offer complete fraud protection utilizing the highest grade security software and encryption the industry has to offer. Fully PCI Compliant. Restaurant and Retail business oriented. Tap into the very best and most advanced ecommerce software available today.

We offer same day approval and quick turnaround time as we work directly with banks and do our own underwriting to speed up the approval process for small businesses.


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