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ACH Processing Companies High Risk Merchant Processors

ACH Processing Companies High Risk Merchant Processors

Apply today for an ACH Processing Merchant Account for your business. We have a solution for all businesses. Very low rates, high volume welcomed. In addition, we provide a risk management suite as an option: Check Verification System, Payer Identification and Collections for NSF checks.

Finding the right payment solution for your company is very important. We have partnered with the leading service and software providers in several industries. Our premium services improve your bottom line and helps your business to become more productive. Unlock new markets with the leading ACH Processor and increase your return on investment..

There are many businesses that depends on electronic transfer of funds (ETF) because many consumers expect this. You now have the opportunity to present them with that option by utilizing the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and our check 21 solution to make this possible. With our services, you will be able to do direct deposit which is great if you need to direct deposit your employees bank account on payday, or pay a contractor via direct deposit into their business bank account, and other types of direct payments.
We will work with you to meet your customer's demand and move funds around more securely, faster and accurately from account to account. There are a number of online software options that we provide as our services are comprehensive. The cool thing about ACH processing is that you can process transactions outside of the normal business hours.

There are many other services out there when it comes to payments for your business. By accepting check for your business, you reduce the cost associated with credit card payment. There is a whole host of different business types that are provided a payment solution through an acquiring bank. The acquirer effectively allows you to quickly get started. Cost per month for the account varies.

Some of the Key Features are as followed:

--Payment Portal to Manage your ACH and check transaction in one location.
--Direct Deposit services for payroll or 1099 employers deposit
--Direct Payment for transactions from customers as well as recurring billing
--Collections, Tax Payments and Vendor Payments

Companies that are relying more and more on ACH/Check processors are: Payroll Providers, Health Clubs and Financial Institutions. High volume Payday Advance or what is often referred to as Check Cashing Companies are also trying to save more money by accepting e-checks or by using the virtual terminal to manually process orders. There are several verifications services that can be used to verify customer data. Most CPA Firms, Collection Agencies and Municipalities are for the most part using ACH payment processing to operate their business. Billers who require recurring payments use this services as it makes the most sense to process recurring payments via a customers' checking account or savings account. For Non-Profits organizations and churches who requires donations in high dollar amount, this services is ideal. And for the Dentists, Day Care/Childcare Providers or even the Health Club and Membership Organizations that want an easy to use terminal to process transaction, they will find that using ACH is a good choice over credit cards.

There are more and more Insurance companies that are starting to utilize checks. Nowadays, Continuing Education is only using checks to process their transactions online via eCommerce Websites or by taking a physical check and keying in the information via a virtual terminal because the checks clear within 24 to 48 hours instead of weeks. There are many VoIP Providers, Publishers and Subscriptions Clubs or Medical Billers that don't even accept credit cards anymore due to the high cost of non qualify transactions. The same is true for Utilities and Pool Services who need to process higher ticket dollar amount over $3,000 to $5,000 or more per transaction. The Mail Order business, Rental Centers and Warranties companies are too starting to realize the power of using the Automated Clearing House for their day to day transactions. If you operate a Legal Services or a Utilization of Payment Plans, you will need to have a better and efficient way to process these transactions. Most Attorneys and Learning Centers offer checks as an alternative payment method for their customers. Even though Tanning Salons are slowing realizing this and switching to checks, they still prefer the debit or credit based transactions, Other companies that heavily use ACH is Pre-Paid Debit Cards. Any Recurring Service or Payroll Processors that need the ability to upload batches or bacth files in the form of a text file, xml, or excel format should use this solution to make life easier. Most Telephone Ordering companies, Property Management, Installment Loans, or what we call high risk businesses who cannot find a payment processing are welcomed.

We offer the latest features in the payment technology industry to minimize the risks associated with cashing checks online or offline as our risk management database will protect your company's cash flow by giving you more options for collecting checks that have been returned due to Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) in the customer's bank account. With the added features of fraud prevention, check verification you will see that it is more economical for your organization to utilize electronic check over credit card processing. You no longer have to collect physical checks and run them over to the bank. With our services, you will save time and increase your return on investment (ROI). The days of running paper checks to the bank is long gone. Lastly, we welcome High Risk ACH Payment Processing Services for ACH and check processing. Merchants in Canada and other countries can benefit from our international ACH solution.



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