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Menexis offers the latest technology when it comes to cash registers. These new payment systems are solutions that extend from the front of the store to the back office.  If you are still using an older machine, it could be holding you back in terms of improving your business day to day operations.

For prices on leasing or buying any of our electronic cash registers, please give us a call.

All businesses are not the same, which is why we listen to your needs and match you with the electronic cash registers that will meet and exceed your business expectations. If you are a fast food restaurant or a small business that need a reliable and highly secured payment system with an operation system that runs on Windows, Hewlett-Packard and Dell hardware, then we have just the product for you to process credit cards, debits cards, EBT, gift cards and manage your entire operations with the new cash register payment systems we offer along with a merchant account with great rates and terms.

The cash registers offer high speed thermal printing. Features a 15.4” touch screen display that can be easily utilized by anyone in the company. They are easy to maintain and has a user friendly interface that can be programmed. It does not matter if you own a restaurant or a retail store, companies need to upgrade to the latest technology available to them because most of the old systems are outdate and poses a security threat. And besides the latest cash registers will improve your return on investment, enhance customer service, increase efficiency, lower training costs and improve reporting on the back end. The POS terminals can be integrated with restaurant POS software. One of the great thing about the device is that you can use Microsoft Dynamic Retail Management System (MS RMS), a retail based software and management tool to simplify operations by tracing inventory, managing employees, employee time sheet working hour tracking (punch in and out), payroll management, enter tracking detail, and much more

The software can be customized for specific businesses for better reporting, preparing tax return for the company or employees, display specific information on the monitors of other. They were designed to completely replace cash registers by functioning as an all in one system that extends beyond the front counter because it is more of a personal computer and business management system than just a simple device. Functions as a personal computer at the counter (POS system) and utilizes Microsoft technology to manage inventory and customers and is powered by a powerful Intel processor.


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