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Wireless Credit Card Processing Machine

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Menexis offers credit card machines that businesses can lease on a low monthly program until the equipment is paid off. We offer three equipment program new merchants qualify for after approval. In order to get the process started for you to obtain one, you simply have to fill out an application to get approved for a merchant account. Businesses and organizations can lease the equipment or machine of their choice on a monthly payment schedule (usually $29-$45 / month) up to 48 months.

What if my business is already processing with a different company?
If you currently have a merchant account with a different financial institution or a third party, you can switch over to Menexis and get the benefit of having your rates lowered. We have a very quick turnaround time, same day approval within 4-5 hours upon receiving a completed application, This is one of our guarantees, that we will offer you a lower rate or match your current rate if you already have an account elsewhere. Our system supports all platforms. In the event the product you are looking for is not listed below, you should give us a call because we support all compliant and non-proprietary accessories.
As soon as one of our machines are delivered to you, we will reprogram it for free.

List of Terminal:

Hypercom ICE 5500
Hypercom M4100 Wireless
Hypercom pinpads
Hypercom P8 Printer
Hypercom T4100
Hypercom T4210 and T4220
Hypercom T7 Plus
Hypercom T7E, T77
Hypercom T7P
Hypercom T7PRA, T7PRC, T7PT
Hypercom T8
Ingenico 5100
ingenico 6500 i6550 i6580
ingenico 7780, i7780 combo
ingenico AQUA 50
ingenico Elite 510
ingenico Elite 712, 770
ingenico i7910 wireless
ingenico 6780 and 6770

lipman nurit 2050 2059i
lipman nurit 2080, 2080 Plus
lipman nurit 2085 plus
lipman nurit 2090 wireless
lipman nurit 292 pin pad 2928
lipman nurit 3000
lipman nurit 3010 wireless
lipman nurit 8000, 8010, 8020, 8320
lipman nurit 8300 check reader
lipman nurit 8400
lipman nurit pinpad 202
lipman nurit printer 505
lipman nurit 3020
verifone 1000SE Pin pad
verifone CR1000i check reader/imager
verifone omni 3200, 3210
verifone omni 3730LE

cash register machine

nurit 2085 First Data FD 50 Ingenico 5100
The Nurit 2085 is a great payment management machines, it delivers fast transactions and it is completely hassle-free. It has a microprocessor to accept multiple credit card payments types. This piece of equipment makes your daily transactions a breeze as it has an easy to use keyboard. You will be up and running in no time as it is easy to learn.
This First Data FD50 terminal has a great design and is very easy to operate. Has a very advanced security setting. Installation is very east as we help to install the software for you as soon as you receive it.
The Ingenico 5100 is an awesome piece of machine that is available to businesses who have a small to medium size monthly transaction. It has a printer and comes with a large area display that performs a wide range of functions. You an use this with an ethernet connection or a dial up. So it works with DSL, Cable or a dial up internet connection or a high speed internet connection.

Leasing Equipment Program:

Point-of-Sale Terminals

Verifone 510
First Data FD 200
Ingenico 7780
The Verifone 510 is a very fast and reliable payment terminal that you can use for your day to day operations. This machines requires little training. It has a thermal printer that is integrated. You can also use it for pin entry.
First Data FD 200. This is the only terminal you will need to process many different forms of payment. Transactions can be process via a WIFI connection, an IP based connection or via dial up using a telephone line. has a build in check reader and a check imager for checks by phone or physical checks. Comes with a dual printer. It can handle receipts and the printer can void checks to make transactions faster.
You can use the Ingenico 7780 as a portable short range wireless payment machine with a rage exceeding 656 feet. It is a easy electronic way to accept transaction if you are a retailer, fast food restaurant, bar, a fine dining business or a convenience store or other types of business no listed here. Transactions is very quick with this machine. It as a high speed internet modem and can be used over an Ethernet connection. It also has a magnetic swipe reader and a keyboard/pin pad

Wireless Terminals

way systems mtt 1581
wireless nurit 8020
The Way (MMT) terminal is a mobile/wireless terminal that has a mobile phone technology which enable it to make transactions as a point-of-sale terminal. This piece of equipment is highly secured and has many features that makes it very easy to accept credit cards. It has an optional printer for printing receipts. The machines is completely wireless and has no cords or plugs. Works virtually from anywhere. Utilizes GPRS technology for best mobile coverage
If portability is what you are looking for, then the wireless Nurit 8020 is a great payment device that is a safe, secure and reliable payment system. It can be customize to your business requirements. Processing credit cards are fast and easy for any business owner. It has a graphic user interface and a keypad that reduces errors. It has short and long rage wireless capabilities so you can process transactions from virtually anywhere you want to accept payments. It has a rechargeable battery that will last for about 10 hours until you have to charge it up again.

Point of Sales Systems

first data POS Value Exchange
first data POS Value Exchange Restaurant
The POS Value Exchange is easy to integrate into an existing back-office function due to its flexibility. It has a touch screen that is intuitive. This will streamline any store day to day operations. It is essentially a personal computer with the power of a point-of-sale terminal that is powered by an Intel processor. Comes with a software from Microsoft that can handle all of your inventory and customer management relations. Compiles inventory reports and sales activities in real time.
The POS Value Exchange Restaurant is a POS system that is tailored specifically as a solution for restaurants. It's an all in one computer system for small or mid size restaurants. It utilizes software technology from Microsoft. You can accept virtually all credit cards and debit cards and setup your own gift card program on it. It of course has a touch screen that makes it easy to use.

Other Equipments and Machines

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